Position 1: ELA/Reading Instructional Coach

Primary Function:

Instructional coaches will facilitate support in instructional practices of teachers on making data driven decisions; plan more productively; and teach more effectively. The instructional coach supports student achievement by providing direct support to principals, department chairs and teachers in various methods such as face to face meetings, online reports or virtual meetings.  Teachers will receive support throughout the year in the form of professional development, mentorship and checkups by their instructional coaches. The school visits are estimated to be 5 times during a school calendar year.

The instructional coach works closely with the department chair, curriculum coordinator, and teacher in bringing evidence-based practices into classrooms and assist in monitoring the implementation of core programs in classrooms.

The instructional coaches build standardized benchmark assessments by using item banks or preapproved item sources or make their own standardized questions. They analyze the results of these tests and give feedback to teachers and help build action plans to improve achievement.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide support and assistance to classroom teachers in the full and skillful implementation of the key competencies
  • Monitor and review lessons to ensure that necessary skills and content are strategically taught and students’ progress through the curriculum with an emphasis on mastery of relevant standards
  • Conduct demonstration lessons to insure that teachers have been trained to an advanced level of delivery and are using the instructional materials as designed.
  • Assist teachers in building classroom environment focused on the content and learning strategies embedded in the curricular programs.
  • Schedule, organize and facilitate collaborative instructional team/department meetings to assist in the analysis and utilization of assessment data (formative, summative) to improve student achievement and establish goals for improved instruction
  • Establish and model guidelines with the department chair to effectively facilitate department meetings following a prepared agenda, identified action steps and outcomes to ensure the use of core learning skills in addition to ensuring appropriate student progress through the subject curriculum.
  • Assist department chairs and teachers with using a structured framework to deliberately plan for engaging lessons that accommodate the differing levels of all students
  • Conduct classroom observations without official evaluation concerned and provides “non-evaluative”, “specific action recommendation” support for teachers.
  • Monitor lesson plans and pacing according to annual plan to make sure content mastery
  • Serve as a resource in identifying appropriate instructional strategies and interventions to improve student achievement for all students.
  • Explore and assist in the implementation of effective intervention resources and strategies.
  • Assist schools with delivery of lessons that reflect explicit planning to address students’ differing levels, skills and learning styles, while incorporating technology, materials, and activities to create a highly-engaging experience for students.
  • Assist schools with planning and preparing for appropriate, effective and timely administration of standardized tests
  • Assist schools with identifying, planning and undertaking appropriate” next steps teaching” for groups of students as indicated by the assessment process



  • Excellent knowledge of Curriculum programs in area Reading and Literacy
  • Minimum of two years’ experience as a Curriculum Coach or a leadership in curriculum  (or similar position such as teacher mentorship) required
  • Five+ years of experience teaching the subject area in K- 12
  • Must possess excellent research, written, and oral communication skills
  • Must be self-motivated and directed


Education, Training, and Technical Skills

  • Master’s Degree in specialty area (preferred)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)


Behavioral/Competency Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to — collaborate with highly diverse team members with different backgrounds
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, extensive experience building client relationships
  • Demonstrates drive and commitment that inspires others to achieve results
  • Anticipates and creatively addresses obstacles to achievement of goals
  • Flexible on work schedule and assignment changes; Identifies and gains the support of key people by understanding and addressing their needs and concerns; builds strong working relationships; shares information and seeks input of others where appropriate
  • Able to travel at least 40% of the academic year


Apply with resume to Charter Educational Services & Resources, Inc. at info@charterresources.us


Position 2: Charter School Instructional Systems Specialist

One opening available for the position of Charter School Instructional Systems Specialist, with the following qualifications: Requires Bachelor’s Degree in Science Education, or foreign equivalent, and five years of experience as a science teacher, including at least one year teaching in a charter secondary school.

Duties will include:

  • Plan and conduct charter school teacher training programs and conferences dealing with new instructional materials, assessment techniques, equipment, and teaching aids. Analyze results provided by teaching staff to evaluate performance and to recommend changes.
  • Generate and publish reports for use by educators on internal or external websites of member charter schools so that teachers and administrators have immediate access to results and can identify students’ strengths and weaknesses in particular subject matter.
  • Confer with members of educational committees and advisory groups to obtain knowledge of subject areas, and to relate curriculum materials to specific subjects. Research, evaluate, and prepare recommendations on curricula, instructional methods, and materials.
  • Design and implement student assessment programs for the benefit of the organization’s network of science and math-focused charter schools. Advise teachers and administrators in curriculum development and use of materials and equipment.
  • Organize production and design of online and printed tests and curriculum assessment materials. Research, analyze, adapt, and use standardized test questions to create student assessment tools and programs to be administered monthly to charter school students to measure student mastery of key educational concepts.
  • Design customized database modules for school question banks using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS languages and MySQL, Apache, and Tomcat Server in a Windows environment. Train administrators, teachers, and other users of the charter schools’ academic assessment system in order to strengthen curricula and ensure the promotion of the intellectual, social, and physical welfare of students. Follow the charter school network’s academic assessment timeline and make recommendations to improve scheduling of student assessment. Implement the planned activities in the assessment calendar and participate and lead in curriculum meetings, workshops, committees, and conferences related to the findings of the educational assessments.
  • Design online test systems and online transcripts. Manage the organization’s online educational portal. Create answer keys to tests; score tests.


Apply with resume to Charter Educational Services & Resources, Inc. at info@charterresources.us